Pole Line Hardware & Accessories

ADCO Overseas has extensive experience as a manufacturer of pole line hardwares and accessories. These hardwares and accessories are suitable for wooden poles, steel poles, transmission line towers and lattice masts. All raw materials, which are primarily steel and aluminium are as per the highest international standards and are only procured from our carefully curated team of vendors who are approved after rigorous quality and conformity tests.

Our team of highly experienced engineers are closely involved with the entire production process, to make sure the products are as per standardized specification or as per the customers requirements.

At ADCO Overseas we understand that modern technology along with highly skilled human resource is the only way to fulfill our vision of unparalleled quality at the lowest price, and this is the idea behind our entire production process, where we employ cutting edge technology along with experienced engineers and quality inspectors.

Housing all the required facilities inside our own manufacturing unit helps us keep a close watch of the numerous processes. Our production facility houses all the required processes and machines such as forging, pressure die casting, fabrication, machining, welding, galvanizing and also the required testing facilities to ensure only the best products are delivered to our clients

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