Cross Arms & Accessories

In different application setups, there are different configurations and combinations of crossarms used. ADCO Overseas is engaged in manufacturing all varieties and combinations of crossarms and bracings which can be used in conjunction with all types, shapes and sizes of poles and mounting structures.

We at ADCO Overseas, also manufacture pole clamps, stay clamps, pole top clamps, pole top brackets, post insulator brackets ,racks, ties, straps, etc. that are required along with the crossarms and are required for ancillary support. Apart from standardized sizes, we also manufacture crossarms and bracing as per customer needs and requirement. Crossarms and bracings are made from steel angles or channels. Wooden crossarms and other variants are also available on request.

Angle Bracing
Crossarm - Angle Type 2
Crossarm - Angle Type 3
Crossarm - Angle Type
Crossarm - Channel Type
Crossarm - Drop Span Type
Crossarm Strap - Twisted Type
Crossarm Strap
Pole Clamp - Adjustable Type 1
Pole Clamp - Adjustable Type 2
Stay Clamp

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