Our collection of insulators range from all types and varieties of Polymer (silicon, composite) and porcelain insulators. Our insulator product range includes Disc, Strain (Tension), Pin, Shackle, Stay (Guy), Long Rod types of insulators.

Insulators are generally designed based on electrical and mechanical requirements with respect to load application, height and altitude, pollution levels, etc.

No transmission and distribution network is complete without the application of insulators and we at ADCO Overseas are provide all accessories and fittings required along with the insulator to install and complete the entire assembly.

Polymer Disc Insulator - Ball & Socket Type
Polymer Disc Insulator - Tongue & Clevis Type
Polymer Line Post Insulator
Polymer Pin Insulator
Polymer Long Rod Insulator
Polymer Post Insulator
Porcelain Disc Insulator - Anti Fog Type
Porcelain Disc Insulator - Ball & Socket Type
Porcelain Disc Insulator - Tongue & Clevis Type
Porcelain Line Post Insulators
Porcelain Pin Insulator
Porcelain Post Insulator
Porcelain Shackle Insulator
Porcelain Stay Insulator Guy Insulator

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