Insulator Accessories & Fittings

We manufacture all accessories and fittings required along with the insulators. Accessories such as Pins, Spindles (Lead Head or Steel Head), iron brackets and shackles, secondary racks that are needed for installation of Pin Insulator and Shackle or Reel insulator.

Suspension clamps, Tension or Strain clamps, Dead End clamps, etc. of all sizes and specifications are manufactured by us as per all international standards.

Helically formed accessories such as top tie, side tie, service dead end, guy grip, armour rods, conductor dead ends are also supplied in as per customer requirements.

Forged fittings such as sockets, thimbles, clevises, etc. of all sizes and designs are manufactured by us. Ball hook, ball eye, extension strap, crossarm strap, D-shackle, Anchor shackle, Yoke Plate, SAG adjustors are also included in our product range.

We are engaged in supplying entire assemblies for single or double tension and suspension fittings complete with all parts.

Ball Eye
Ball Link
Crossarm Clevis Insulator Clevis
Crossarm Pin - Lead Head
Dead End Clamp - Compression Type
D-Iron Bracket
Helically Formed Service Dead End
Helically Formed SideTie
Helically Formed Top Tie
Insulator Pin - Lead Head
Insulator Pin - Long Shank
Insulator Pin - Short Shank
Pole Top Pin - Lead Head
Pole Top Pin
Secondary Rack
Straight Line Clamp
Suspension Clamp - Envelope Type
Suspension Clamp - Trunion Type
Tension Clamp - Snail Type
Tension Clamp Strain Clamp - Four Bolt
Tension Clamp Strain Clamp - Three Bolt
Tension Clamp Strain Clamp - Two Bolt
Thimble Clevis - Type 1
Thimble Clevis - Type 2
Thimble Clevis - Type 3
Anchor Shackle D-Shackle
Arcing Horn & Corona Ring
Ball Clevis - Y Type
Ball Clevis
Ball Eye - Horn Holder Type
Ball Hook
Extension Link
Helically Formed Armour Rod
Line Guards
Pig Tail Hook - Ball Ended Type
Pig Tail Hook
Sag Adjustor Plates
Socket Clevis
Socket Eye
Twisted Shackle
Twisted Strap Crossarm Strap
Y Clevis
Yoke Plates

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