Ab Cable Hardware & Fittings

ADCO Overseas also has a full range of AB Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable) accessories and fittings which conform to NFC and IEC standards. These products are available for all varieties and sizes of AB Cables.

Our product range includes products such as Insulated Piercing Connector, Anchoring Clamp assemblies, Suspension Clamp assemblies, Dead End Clamp assembles, Tension Clamp Assemblies, Pig Tail Hooks, Anchoring and Suspension Brackets, Suspension brackets, End Caps, etc.

Anchoring Clamp - Aluminium Body
Anchoring Clamp - Plastic Body
Anchoring Clamp - Wedge Type 1
Anchoring Clamp - Wedge Type 2
Anchoring Clamp Bracket
Dead End Clamp - Bolted Type
Dead End Clamp
Insulated Piercing Connector
Pig Tail Hook
Pre-insulated Bimetallic Lug
Pre-insulated Sleeves
Stainless Steel Strapping Band With Plastic Dispenser
Suspension Clamp - Aluminium Body
Suspension Clamp - Plastic Body
Suspension Clamp Bracket - Hook Type
Suspension Clamp Bracket
Suspension Hook

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